Lagu : With A Little Love (Modern Talking)

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Ibu mmg sangat minat dengan lagu2 Modern just nak share lagu n lirik lagu.. ­čśÇ

layan kay!!

With A Little Love – Modern ┬áTalking

They said : Oh yeah, it’s a tough world
You are restless and you are young
I said : Oh girl, it’s a good twirl

And your time will come, your time will come
They said : you came from the wrong side
He’s a page from the end of the book
I said : You came from the right side
Took me just one look
Then you understood

With a little love
You will survive
With a little love
You will get by
Do what you want
Go your own way
‘Cause its your life

With a little love
You’ll make a start
Yeah, why lovers break each other’s heart
Do what you want
Go your own way
‘Cause it’s your life

They said : no future forget it
You came from the wrong side of town
I said : don’t listen, don’t let it
Let it bring you down
Make you wear a frown
They said : Oh let him down easy
Laugh at the heart you have won
I said : that life is for living
Like the morning sun
It had just began

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