Facebook Messenger For Mobile : Aplikasi Terbaru Dari Facebook

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tak lama lagi Facebook akan melancarkan aplikasi terbaru iaitu Facebook Messenger For Mobile …mcm cool je bunyinya… sure best ni sbb leh chat nga kawan2 facebook through handphone je..ibu assume lebih kurang cam Yahoo Messenger la kot..kwn pun ramai kat facebook banding nga yahoo..sebelum ni mmg aplikasi facebook kt handphone pun leh chat gak tp mcm limited je…x leh buat group conversation..tp yg terbaru ni boleh..







Reach friends right on their phones
Now you can send messages directly to your friends on their mobile phones, so you stay in touch no matter where you go. Message friends or anyone in your mobile contacts.


Get and send messages fast
With the new standalone Messenger app, now messaging with friends is faster than ever. Messages are delivered instantly, and they’re always just a click away.

Make plans with groups on the go
Group conversations make it easy to message everyone at once and see where your friends are. Don’t want to share your location? Turn it off with one click.

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ps : pengguna2 smartphone yg ada akaun facebook sure suka ni..hehe..


Jom Kongsi!

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